I’m Annika–a wife for two years, a musician, a teacher, a cook, and an accomplished reader at stoplights. I’m accompanying my husband on some fabulous adventures overseas–and I’m  blogging about them here!

Back on the ranch, my brother loved watching Abbott and Costello (and every other comedy routine on YouTube). This blog is not about pickles, nor about milk. Instead, it gets its title from an episode of Abbott and Costello. (Pertinent part starts at 25:10).


Contrast is the life of literature: pickles and milk, being two very contrasting things, give sense to that contrast. Read along with my life as I live it–it won’t be a boring ride!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. RC

    Milk and Pickles always makes me think of L.M. Montgomery. Before seeing this video, I’d never heard of those two mentioned in combination together except in Story Girl.

    1. RC

      Speaking of comedy routines, remember when we used to watch Hogan’s Heros together at piano lessons. How funny. 😀 I still love those…

      1. RC

        Haha. Like she really would care at this point. It was only, oh, about 8 years ago. But, I’ll keep it to myself. 😉

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