Photo Bloopers

Here I am, breaking radio silence for the first time in about two months, to bring you the best of Annika’s photography skills. And I tell you, these are some incredible pictures.

First up, we have this thrilling number taken courtesy of the self-timer on my camera. You’re welcome.


I had never known before I saw this just how much I look like a cartoon character when I run with a baby on my front. Now I know. And I can never un-know that fact. It will haunt me forever.

Next we have this beautiful view of fields and hills in Yorkshire…until you look to the right.


Yes, that is a finger pointing. No, I don’t know what it’s pointing at.

And this one…well, there’s nothing wrong with this one. It’s just a cute baby picture I thought you’d want to see.

Have you ever seen such a cute little laughing bear? I thought not. If you look at that face long enough, you should start smiling too!

Have a cheery Friday, and maybe I’ll show you some more of the (better? hopefully?) pictures soon!


7 thoughts on “Photo Bloopers

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  2. Jane Eagles

    Really lovely to see your photos and especially to see the happy baby.
    Tomorrow I will be visiting daughter Hannah for a few days holiday.
    Life is much different but the Lord is so kind.
    Love from Jane E.x

  3. Caleb Nelson

    I liked the breaking radio silence thing. I guess you’re more into spy/military adventures than you let on!

  4. Becky

    My favorite picture is the one of J.Q. We are looking forward to your visit in September! Love to you, Aunt Becky

  5. Jennifer

    Annika, you are hysterical! I hope you compile all of these blogs in a book! And, JQ is simply the cutest bear I have ever seen! Love, AJ

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