Last week was our week of tourism before Jared has to start school up again. So to start everything off, we visited Oxford.

It is a beautiful city, with so many old colleges and churches. There’s even part of a Saxon church dating from 1040 still standing. (By the way, if you notice a slightly blurry quality to the right of some of the pictures, it’s just spit up on the camera lens. No biggie!)

The first place we went was the University church of St Mary the Virgin.


It was a beautiful church with arched windows and a lot of history. Famous people who preached there range from Cardinal Newman to C.S. Lewis–as the university church it had a lot of good men preaching at it!


Then we climbed the old Saxon tower of St Michaels (I think), and got a good view of the city rooftops and spires.

It was a beautiful sunny day. DSC_0024

After that, we walked around some more and found the river. All kinds of boats were moored there–I had no idea how many people lived in their boats!


All the little ducks!

When we were done walking along the stream, we turned around and visited Oxford Castle. Yes, there’s a castle at Oxford, though it’s not normally talked about. And guess what? If you have lots of money, it’s been converted into a fancy hotel. So you could go and sleep in the old dungeons of Oxford Castle if you felt like it.

This was the entrance–added on by the Normans later. The oldish bits are around the back


. . .like this tower, which was originally built by the Saxons.

DSC_0041 Doesn’t Jared look like a nice castle owner who might just throw you into the dungeons if you misbehave? They were very dark and damp dungeons too. DSC_0046

Can you imagine spending the night in there? At least I didn’t see any rats!

After we were done with Oxford Castle, we were about walked off our feet. Unfortunately, it was only around 4:30 p.m. and our return bus wasn’t leaving until about 7:30. And every store in Oxford seemed to shut down around 5:00 pm. So we had to hang around a very cold and windy outdoor square next to the bus station (which also closed their waiting area at 6:00 pm just because they could and it was still a holiday) for a long time. . . with a baby. Not the best part of the day! Moral of the story–if you’re visiting a place in the winter, don’t plan to spend any more time there after the sun sets. There won’t be anything to do.


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