Greenwich Park

It’s been so nice having Jared on Christmas break. Of course he still has things to do, but not nearly as many. So we can do fun stuff together like taking a morning (a sunny morning, no less!) to go explore Greenwich Park.

Not sure what my hand is doing…and I promise JQ was awake!

Greenwich Park is a huge park surrounding the Greenwich Observatory. It’s got some huge hills that provide great views of London and the Thames.


And, of course, it’s lovely to walk around on beautiful green grass and see blue sky and old gnarly trees.

Having access to parks like this is definitely one of the perks of living in London. In China, wide open green spaces didn’t exist, and if they did, about a million people would be there at any given time.

So we’re enjoying our Christmas break, and taking advantage of time off to visit places like Oxford and Southampton and Gloucester.

Oh, and John Quincy enjoyed being Santa for Christmas. If you’re wondering at all how to become popular, just be a tiny baby and dress up in a Santa suit. Instant popularity!

Do I HAVE to have my picture taken, mommy?

Of course, that face kind of deserves instant popularity.

I hope you all had a very  merry Christmas!

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