Postpartum. . .and Loving It!

You know what the best part of being postpartum is? Besides, of course, the fact that I get to stare at this adorable little face every day.


It isn’t still looking four months pregnant and having the world’s softest stomach or leaking milk everywhere or smelling like baby poo when I get sweaty, though those are wonderful and amazing. . .I mean, unfortunate.

It’s simply not being pregnant anymore. When I was pregnant, I thought I felt fine. After all, I never really was sick or exhausted, I was able to hike the Great Wall and move from China to England with a few months of extra travel around the US in between–but now that I feel normal again I realize just how much work pregnancy really was.

It’s well known that pregnancy takes it out of you physically, because, well, that’s a brand new human you’re growing, but I hadn’t really thought that it would change much else. Besides the fact that as soon as I got pregnant I lost any drop of creativity I may have originally had (and said goodbye to my resolution of blogging twice a week because all the sudden I only sounded whiny), I thought I was still mostly normal. But no. Blame it on hormones, or perhaps on the fact that I’m an imperfect human, but inter-personal relations got a lot harder. I’ve always prided myself on being a nice person who’s not too easily annoyed (and brothers don’t count), but suddenly I was seeing all the worst in people. I felt like I was finally going through the moody teenager phase of “nobody understands me!” and needing at least an hour a day to sit in my room with the door closed to recover from people.

But now that I’m not pregnant? I’m feeling great again, physically and mentally. I almost feel better than I did before I got pregnant. Long walks uphill? No problem. Going to church and meeting people? Bring it on! I even have the energy to tackle the dishes and housework (and grading) now without feeling like it’s overwhelming and will eat me alive.

That’s not to say I’m not an introvert anymore. I still don’t mind the fact that at least three days a week I’m home alone all day. But I’m grateful that I get the chance to go out and visit with friends too at least a couple times a week.

If you happen to be pregnant and foggy, have hope! It gets better. You will become yourself again. And maybe (though no promises here) even able to deal with difficult people again!

And at the end, you’ll get one of these:

Is that a Jared face or what?

And it will be oh-so-worth it. (I know, that’s kinda cliche, but it’s true!)

2 thoughts on “Postpartum. . .and Loving It!

  1. RC

    I was going to say “Soren is so adorable when he sleeps” and then realized his name is JQ. Boy, the automaticity comes back even years later. 😛 I guess you can use that as proof that he looks like a Nelson, at least partially. 🙂 JQ is so adorable, and he’s getting that cute baby chubby look! I can’t wait to see him!

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