Mostly Pictures and a Few Bad Jokes

I have a bunch of cute baby pictures (I guess I’m turning into one of those dreaded “mommy bloggers” now), and since I’m recovering from pinkeye and a nasty cold right now, pictures are mostly what you’re going to see. If you think getting up every two hours to feed a baby sounds miserable, try getting up every two hours to feed a baby when you have pinkeye and have to unglue your eyelids first. Then you cough for an hour before you can get back to sleep. Let’s just say my brain has seen better days than now.

So, on to pictures. Last week, my mom and brother came for a visit. They had a great time holding the baby, going grocery shopping, and doing a little sight-seeing in between all that.

JQ with an Uncle and Grandma

My brother Seth, the farmer,  was somewhat unimpressed with London. His favorite part, in fact, was going to the Musuem of Natural History so JQ could meet his mummy.  Other than that, London was too big and overwhelming, with not enough open spaces of dirt.

He was quite useful as a pack mule, though, as Mom was intent on going shopping several times while she was here. I, obviously, was unfit for carrying groceries half a mile uphill as I’d just had a baby (convenient excuse for getting out of practically everything), and Mom was generally carrying said baby, so Seth had to do all the grunt work. This was accompanied by much talking about anvils and being thankful that at least decorating with anvils is not in style currently. As you can tell, Seth likes to drag his jokes out like a dead cat from under the barn by its tail.

When not being put to work as a pack mule, Seth spent his time washing dishes or holding the baby (since you can’t wash dishes while holding a baby).


Other than hearing corny jokes and getting our flat decorated for us, one of the highlights of their trip was going to Dover. We got to see some beautiful English countryside out the train windows, and we also got to see some of the famous White Cliffs of Dover, though we didn’t get to see the really iconic parts. Maybe someday when it’s sunny.

Jared and Mom with JQ in Dover.
If you look really carefully, you can see some cliffs that are white.

For lunch, we ate at an iconic British pub and Seth and Jared tried the fish and chips and mushy peas. Let’s just say they weren’t super impressed.

I didn’t get a picture of the food, but I did get a picture of Jared wearing JQ that’s just about the cutest thing ever.

There’s something about baby-wearing dads. . .

We also saw a beautiful church that still had flowers blooming in front of it. Perfect place for a photo shoot!

Mom and me
Mom enjoying her new role as Grandma.

Anyways, this was a super random post and I’ll end it here before you get too bored! I’m off to feed the baby. . .and probably cough some more.

4 thoughts on “Mostly Pictures and a Few Bad Jokes

  1. Caleb Nelson

    Okay . . . level with us, Annika: My secretary was sure that she detected some. That last picture looks an awful lot like it could be so. Does he have red hair?

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