The View from My Place

So we’re here. (And no baby yet–probably be at least another 3-4 weeks!)

After searching the internet day after day, calling nearly every real estate agent in London (which is saying something, because there might be a thousand real estate agents here), and viewing lots of flats (and trying to view even more that got cancelled on us when someone else took them), we got a flat. So finally things are a little less crazy as we have a place to live and don’t have to worry about our baby being born in a stable.

Other than that, it’s weird to be able to just walk into a hospital for your medical care and not have to do all kinds of things with insurance and money and ID and everything else. You just walk in at the time of your scheduled appointment and tell them your name and that’s it. While socialized medicine might be terrible for elective surgeries, it certainly is nice for useful things like prenatal appointments (which, by the way, are called antenatal appointments around here).

If you look very carefully you can even see the Thames to the right of the ugly tall white buildings.

Anyways, you probably don’t want to hear a long spiel about the NHS, so I’ll leave you with, as I stated in the title, the view from our new flat.  Sometimes it pays to live on top of a hill. That sometimes, however, is not when you’re carrying 40 pounds (I do mean the weight measurement) of groceries up said hill.  But it does have some dividends in the view from our windows.


2 thoughts on “The View from My Place

  1. askwhy4success

    Annika, which side of the river are you? South? Maybe which line of the Tube are you?
    Also, on the same side as the “Eye” is a hospital that was popular for something, but I don’t remember much since we drove past in our tour bus. Do you happen to know about this?
    Have you visited the spaghetti Factory by Lloyds of London? And, the Harrods Department store, not of course you could afford much, but you can get Turkish Delights and tea? Finally, you should definitely take a Jack the Ripper tour.

    1. We’re south, and not really on the Tube. The DLR comes here, though. I’m not sure exactly which hospital you’re talking about–there are quite a few famous ones around here! And maybe if we’re feeling up to being scared we’ll take a Jack the Ripper tour. I’m not sure I want to think about crazy criminals lurking in the shadows to disembowel random women, though!

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