Cute Girls and Spring Flowers

I’m back! Did you miss me?

It’s spring here! Earlier than anywhere else I’ve lived, even though it’s no farther south.


Last fall, I was assured that winters here were terrible–extremely long and cold. It made me think we wouldn’t be seeing any warmth until maybe mid-June. But apparently, they were wrong. (I think the moral of the story is, don’t trust a Seattleite’s perception of winter. Any winter with more than two weeks of below-freezing weather seems long and arduous to them!)  Mid-March is really early for spring, in my opinion.


But it’s not all beautiful blossoms and 20 degree weather (of course I’m talking Celsius!). Along with the (one week of) warmer weather has also come more mosquitoes. And guess who they’re after? Yours truly. There must be something about my blood that makes it like crack for mosquitoes–if it’s a contest between me and Jared, I win 95% of the time. You can call me attractive.


Not on the spring theme, but funny anyways:

In the middle of Beijing, what’s the last thing you’d expect to see?


Yes, it’s a horse. In the middle of Beijing. It’s generally there every weekend, though I have no idea where it lives or how far they have to come. Sometimes it even has a mule and donkey pal with it. They sell oranges out the back of that wagon, though I’m pretty sure they weren’t grown locally. Some things are just a mystery.

And this little girl was just too cute. She was standing and talking to the horse, and then she leaned over and tried to kiss the horse.  As you can see, it was unimpressed.

Jared says the girl in the background is like someone from a science fiction movie. You’ll have to ask him for clarification on that.

Any spring flowers yet in the frozen wilds of North America? Or horses trotting down your city streets?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in the middle of a city?


6 thoughts on “Cute Girls and Spring Flowers

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  2. Abe

    The strangest thing I have ever seen is a “Stretched Pickup”. Which has nothing on a girl kissing a horse I’m afraid.

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