More Pictures of Xi’an: Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Terracotta Warriors

You’re all probably getting tired of hearing about Xi’an and seeing all my gazillions of pictures, but I think I’m finally running out of them today.

Last things? Drum tower and bell tower. They look a lot alike, and were used for about the same purpose. The drum tower was for beating the hour on giant drums and making sure the watchman was still awake.

The bell tower also seemed to be for beating the time on a bell. And I think there were watchmen on both.

Giant bell. Jared reminded me several times that they used to make cannons like this too.
On the tower.

They had really neat performances for both places–some college students playing drums in the drum tower, and then playing all sorts of traditional Chinese instruments in the bell tower. Both groups were extremely good at what they did, and very laid-back about it. They showed up precisely five minutes before the performance and threw their costumes on over their street clothes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything capable of taking a good video, so you get blurry pictures.

The blur is just how fast their hands were moving.

And then Jared insisted we go up to the top and walk around the edge, like fifty feet in the air. He may or may not have had his hand nearly squeezed off. But there was a good view, except for all the smog.

The roads there were beautifully straight.
Looking down on Muslim street. It was a bit too early for the crowds of people.
But you can still see all the lights.
From the top of the Bell Tower.

The very last thing we saw in Xi’an were the Terracotta Warriors. They were pretty amazing, and apparently every single one has a different face. Part of me can’t help but wonder if the emperor didn’t have anything better to do with his time and money than make clay soldiers modeled after his real army. But still, they were very neat.

These ones are ones archaelogists are putting back together because they were all broken.
A man and his horse.
After the farmer discovered the warriors, they built this huge structure over them to protect them from the weather.
Because they’re made of clay, some of them have broken heads and stuff from when vandals broke in.
Our guide was very helpful in explaining the different hairstyles–topknots are regular soldiers, caps are officers.

I promise this will be the last of the travel posts for a while, since the only place we’re still planning to go is the Great Wall. You can’t be living in Beijing and fail to see the Great Wall. That’s nearly criminal!

9 thoughts on “More Pictures of Xi’an: Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Terracotta Warriors

  1. walism

    Will be there in June to see mount Huashan and terracotta Warriors. Would 2 days be good in xian city, sight seing the streets alone? thnks for the nice blog..

  2. Caleb Nelson

    Well, if they made cannons like that, I’m surprised the conquered anything. Hanging the thing up so it discharges its shot into the ground doesn’t exactly seem like the wisest approach.

    1. Caleb's brother

      Actually, they were way ahead of there time. They were going at the “space race” before anybody else knew about it.

      In case you missed it, this is sarcastic.

  3. RC

    Tired of your posts? Never! It’s funny that picture of the terracota warriors that have no head. 😛 That is amazing how intricate those are and how he created an entire army of them!!! Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing to just find? No wonder they built a structure over them. 🙂

    As for being afraid of heights, you’re so like me. I’m terrified of heights. It gives me this squiggly feeling in my stomach and legs, and I feel like I’ll be forced into a fall and dashed to the ground in bits. It’s not fun. Good thing I wasn’t there. 😛 I’m glad you went forth and conquered (?) your fears though, and saw the view! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it amazing? There were so many–like an actual army. The ones in the pictures are like 1/3 of the total (there are some other pits).

      And I know–we could make an afraid-of-heights club. And stay away from any narrow balconies that are super high!

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