Only in China, vol. 2

I know you all have been EAGERLY awaiting the next volume of this series, so I had to wait to collect some GOOD evidence.

First stop today: crazy little vehicles made on bicycles. This item (below) is a typical case in point. Note the large windshield and cozy interior to keep that driver nice and toasty as he drives around China.

Pretty nifty, ain’t it? Almost makes you wish you had one for your very own, I betcha.

Here, on the rear view, you can see what a model of economy and thrift it really is. Much smaller than a car, with fewer of those nasty emissions, and yet this vehicle still has storage space galore in the back. And the shiny aluminum exterior is the first thing nowadays in bicycle vehicles. Come to China today to get one for your very own!

You would just look so snazzy driving around in this!

Number two: bicycle parking lots.

Here in China, bicycles are everywhere. There’s maybe a million times more bicycles than in the US. So of course you have to have a place to park them. And one tiny rack isn’t going to cut it.


So obviously, the solution is to have a giant lot devoted to bikes. Some of them even have signs that say “Harmony creates order” (which I don’t have a picture of) to ensure that you line your bike up neatly.

From the other end.

This isn’t even one of the biggest parking lots around. Jared says that at his school they’re nearly three times bigger. One of these days I’ll have to go over there and get some more pictures.

One more (much smaller) parking lot.

Number 3: Burlap trees.

When the cold weather comes out around here, what happens to the trees? They get stitched into their clothes, of course! The tall skinny trees are wrapped around, and large bushy ones get put behind green frames. I’m not sure exactly what it’s supposed to do for the trees–it doesn’t seem to keep out the cold, and it doesn’t get extremely windy here–so perhaps it’s just some Chinese tradition.

A forest of protected trees.

What it looks like on the inside.

It looks like a windbreak…but it’s only gotten windy here maybe once!

And here’s the outside:


Our trees, all ready for winter.

Stay tuned for volume 3, in which I will discuss Chinglish signs, crazy food, and Beijing traffic. Sounds like fun, no?

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