In Which I Bore You with Mindless Drivel about Dishes

Somehow, this week has been crazy. Jared got sick (for three whole days! poor thing was miserable), we got a “holiday” for New Year’s Day, which really meant that the cruel and unusual method of “let’s see how much of your weekend we can take away from you” was strongly played with makeup classes on Sunday, and then it was back to the usual of procrastinating on doing dishes because SOMEONE was convinced that bringing cookies to her classes was a good idea. Well, it was. But cookie-making also involves dish-making, and dish-making involves dish-doing, and dish-doing involves putting away those dishes, and yeah. I haven’t even gotten past the dish-making part, so I’m inwardly shuddering whenever I walk into my kitchen and see all the remnants of the shallots in the sink along with whatever’s left of the cookies.

So, obviously that means it’s time for a blog post, so all you who are like “just do the dishes as soon as you make them and then you won’t have any problem” can totally say that in your head as you don’t understand why I a) don’t like doing dishes and b) don’t follow the wonderful advice that you just gave me. But there’s just something about making cookies before an 8:00 a.m. class that robs me of the will to dish (what, you don’t think that’s a verb? Don’t know what you’re talking about). And then you get back, and the cookie dough has hardened on the pan. So, of course, you just leave it.

Anyways, I’m starting to run on just like my little brother Seth (sorry Seth), so I’ll stop with the drivel and present you with pictures of a sunrise, courtesy of my 8:00 a.m. class. It’s funny how when the days start getting longer the sunrise starts getting later at the same time. Oh, and yes, the sun rises in China just like it does in America. I think it’s even the same sun!

It’s not much of a sunrise. . .


But at least I got the camera straight in this one!

Now excuse me while I go heat up some water for my dishes. There’s no time like the present, right?



8 thoughts on “In Which I Bore You with Mindless Drivel about Dishes

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  2. AJ

    I must say that of all of the aftermaths I have witnessed on the post-prandial, pre-wash-up scene, you are in a class by yourself in the “most likely to be doing dished for the next three hours, or possibly days” category — simply because you love to prepare so many dishes at meal time (each a masterpiece, I might add). I distinctly remember your saying, quite early into your new role as Mrs. McKinney, “I prepared six dishes for breakfast!”

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  4. Caleb Nelson

    I had never thought about the emotional toll lack of hot water will take on a person. And I suppose that your English teacher cred is better than mine now. Guess I better bust out the grammar books!

  5. Caleb Nelson

    “DIsh” is certainly a verb, Annika. In its proper meaning it is used with the preposition “up” to indicate the act of placing food into a dish. Its slang usage refers to the spreading of gossip–“dishing dirt,” one might say. Thus, in neglecting to wash the dishes and preferring to write about your activities, you were in fact dishing on yourself unmercifully.

    By the way, SOME OF US who lived with you for many years always were convinced that you loathed doing dishes, and some of us have still never seen you wash one. I guess some things never change, eh? Well, it’s okay, because you still won’t find me sitting on my bed writing papers.

    1. “Dish” would then be different from the phrasal verb “dish up” (yes, phrasal verbs are a thing: take a CELTA course and find out about them). So I think using it in the sense “to wash dishes” can be perfectly acceptable. I just need the rest of you to get on board with it.

      I don’t know what SOME OF YOU are talking about. I certainly did dishes, except I had my reasons for doing them in secret. I didn’t need to be dragged into the dish-doing wars, you know! Here, the lack of a dishwasher and any hot water kill my enthusiasm immediately, and going into the kitchen and looking at the stacks created by cooking ONE dish on my half a square foot of counter space is enough to emotionally do me in for the rest of the day. I guess it’s all about dish management.

      Plus, you’ll be happy to know that I now sit on the couch to write. There’s better lighting, and I’m alone a lot of the time anyways.

      1. RC

        Well, Annika, I guess I am amongst the “some” listed above, because I truly can’t think of a single instance where I saw you do a single dish. Here, here for not entering into the dishwashing wars, though! Granted, I did find the easiest way to diffuse the “dish-doing wars” was to say I would do the dishes. 😉 However, *ahem Caleb* I’m pretty sure you made up for not doing the dishes, with all the OTHER things you did around the house. You did keep very busy – in fact there were often many times when we couldn’t have a 30 minute four-wheeler ride because someone in your family needed you to do something for them.

        I’m afraid I don’t much like doing dishes myself (who does?) but I have more of a “if I wait, it’ll be worse” mindset which makes it easier to do – little bits at a time are much easier then tons of dishes at the same time. Mom taught us the value of the “dishes as you go” method, where you wash the dishes you don’t need anymore while you’re not cooking (e.g. waiting for the soup to boil, the cookies to bake, the casserole to finish) so that you end up having only between 0 and 5 dishes at the end of when you’re finished baking. Quite honestly, it makes the dish washing process so much easier and far less daunting then having the whole stack at the end.

        Granted, the whole heating water thing…. 😛

        Haha, well, be glad you don’t live in a dugout in the 1800’s and not only have to heat water but have to crack the ice on the nearby stream in the freezing cold mornings in order to get water in the first place??? 😉

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