12 Photos (plus a few) from 2014

I think the theme of this year could almost be summed up in flowers. Starting in January, I kept the house stocked with all the fresh, springy-looking flowers I could find. So be warned–if you don’t like pictures of flowers, you may want to skip this post altogether!

Back in January, we had no idea that we’d be in China for the next New Year. We spent our holidays with family, and then headed back to Arlington, Virginia for the final semester of Jared’s Masters program.

Apparently, in January I only took photos of flowers. You get a little tired of nothing but bare trees after a while and need something to brighten up your day.  So enjoy some irises. Spring will be here in about another three months!


In February, my mom came for a visit. As I was a bad photographer, I took pictures of some food, and someone got a picture of me–but somehow we didn’t get any pictures of her visit.  Apparently food is more important than people? Anyhow, since I’m rarely on the business end of the camera, you can admire one of the few pictures of me.


And, I’ll include an extra photo of some of the food. You’re welcome.

Key Lime pudding with fresh berries. Very February-ish. (The roses are left from Valentine’s Day.)

In March, my longing for fresh flowers remained. And I took about a million and one pictures of them. But judge for yourselves–aren’t they adorable? The little orange pitcher was a gift from Mom’s visit.

Begonias. They’re just the cutest flowers! Just looking at this picture makes me want some.

In April was Easter, and we got (or tried to get) the obligatory family Easter picture. I need to work on this timed-photo business, apparently.

Can’t even get the camera straight!

In May, Jared graduated. One Master’s degree down, two to go!

Isn’t he handsome?

Apparently June wasn’t as exciting of a month: according to iPhoto, the main thing I took pictures of was foxes. I think in June we also decided for sure that we were going to China.

We did celebrate our first wedding anniversary in June–and were able to go home, to the place of real mountains and actual sunsets, for it. There’s not much that’s more beautiful than a range of 14,000 foot tall mountains.

THIS is the sort of solid ground I'm in to.
THIS is the sort of solid ground I’m in to.
And since you can’t just put a picture of mountains for an anniversary picture, here you go.

In July, I started this blog. Apparently July was also the month in which I posted the most–8 posts total!

We started out the month by going to the beach, and then my life was over for the next month when I started an intensive CELTA course. Since I don’t have any photos of CELTA, you can look at a picture of the beach.


In August, I finished up my CELTA course, and it was bye-bye to Virginia for us (after packing for what seemed like eons). We were off to Oregon to spend a little time with family before taking our big trip.

There are so many beautiful pictures from Oregon (click the links to see them), but I think this is my favorite:

I love the lighting of this picture!

There’s just something about the colors and the sunlight and the waterfall that makes you think of fairies and elves and magic water.

In September, it happened. We moved to China. And somehow, with moving to China, I didn’t blog much. Part of that may have been that we didn’t really have reliable internet for a while–and I’m sure part of it was that moving halfway around the world takes time and energy. Not to mention jet-lag!

So I give to you: the last picture we had taken in America (and one I look like a dork in).


In October, we got a little more settled in to our China routine and began to learn a little Chinese. We did a little more touring (since we had another holiday in October), got eaten alive by mosquitoes, went shopping, and taught classes (well, I did. Jared TOOK classes).

The trees also started to turn fall colors, and we did a few fall things like make and eat apple crisp.


In November, we finally got rid of our mosquitoes when it got cold enough to kill them. Never have I been so thankful for a first frost.  I took lots of pictures of fall leaves, did dishes, and went to the zoo. We also had our first Chinese Thanksgiving–which was a lot of fun.


Also in November (and December), everybody decided it was time to get engaged. Seriously. In one weekend in December alone, nearly six couples decided to get engaged.

Beside the romance, December was full of Christmas lights, Christmas concerts, Christmas services, and Christmas dinner(s).  I finally got our Christmas tree set up and looking somewhat less forlorn, and even decorated our house a little.

Favorite December picture!


Well, you’re probably exhausted after reading all that, so I’ll let you wind down. I promise not to barrage you with any more pictures until at least a day or two later!

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4 thoughts on “12 Photos (plus a few) from 2014

  1. AJ

    Happy New Year!!!!

    Thank you for all of the lovely pictures – I remember those flowers well! What a fabulous Christmas party!!!!! And I love the Christmas decorations!

    Love and Hugs,


  2. RC

    Thank you for sharing the outline of your year! It was fun to see the changes through the pictures. 🙂 It was strange – your June visit seems so long ago I’d forgotten that was just this year!! There have been lots of changes since then for both of us….though between of the two of us, you do take the cake as far as change goes. 🙂

    I LOVED that picture of those irises. Blue irises are sooo pretty. 🙂

    1. There’s a reason I took so many pictures of flowers!

      The beginning of last year does seem a long time ago, doesn’t it? It’s so easy to forget what happened at the beginning of the previous year. I didn’t even remember all the blog posts I wrote, even though they were only six months or so ago!

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