Beijing at Night

In which there are lots of pictures and few words.

One of the few Christmas light displays in Beijing. It had a really cool raindrop effect also (which doesn’t show up in the picture).
Another “Christmas” display. Except they mixed it up with Valentine’s day and tractor day?
Waiting at the bus stop.
Impressionism. Actually, just the bus window, but it does have a rather cool smeary effect.
What Beijing traffic is like. Except these people are being good and are stopped at a stoplight.
This one also has a sort of “futuristic” effect.
A few more Christmas lights.


A few random buildings and bus stop.
More people–at the mall.


9 thoughts on “Beijing at Night

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  2. Jennifer Burton

    Festive, Annika! Write and tell me about your concerts! I’d love to hear about them. You take great pictures, darliln’! Hugs, AJ

  3. RC

    Thanks for posting! I wasn’t sure if they celebrated Christmas there. Is it similar to the way we celebrate Christmas? How is it the same/different? Is it as consumeristic as we are in America?

    1. They don’t really celebrate Christmas here–I’m planning to write a post about Christmas in China, actually! But you only see a few Christmas lights and stuff, and those are only in the foreign areas.

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