Fall, in Pictures

Ginkgo in Autumn
Ginkgo trees really are beautiful in the fall

Yesterday the weather here was absolutely beautiful. Yellow leaves look like stained glass windows against clear skies–and yesterday the sky was completely blue. Nature is so much more beautiful when you only see it glowing occasionally and the rest of the time it’s cowering under smog.

Unfortunately, I had to teach yesterday (yes, it was Sunday, and no, I had no choice), but we enjoyed what time we had to rejoice in the beauty of the clean air.

Early morning lighting is the best.
Early morning lighting is the best.

Our neighbors on the ground floor have the most beautiful roses. They’re growing in front of a patch of bare cement, and the window to their apartment is covered with rusty bars and looks ancient, but the roses still thrive. They’re blooming even more now that it’s almost winter.

Roses in China
Beautiful roses in front of our (decrepit looking) apartment building

Roses and cathedrals both serve similar purposes–they point the eye upward.

The front of our apartment building.

In other news, I’m all done grading papers until tomorrow, when I will have 60 midterms to begin grading. Let’s hope I pick interesting topics so I won’t be bored by reading everyone’s paper!


Roses and ginkgo
Our view from the east.


What’s your favorite part of fall? Glowing colors, cool air, fresh breezes? Or the more mundane parts of life, like school and getting to wear fall clothes?


4 thoughts on “Fall, in Pictures

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  2. RC

    Haha. I was going to school isn’t my favorite thing right now, either. But Rose beat me to it…But I’m just loving this fall, as well. 😀 I love the cooler weather, seeing the designs of frost covering my car windows in the morning, the brilliant colors and the carpets of crunchy leaves. 🙂

    It’s looking beautiful in China! Those pictures with the trees and blue sky are great!! 🙂 I’m glad you had a “smog-free” day to enjoy. 🙂

  3. Rose

    Can’t say school is my favorite thing, but I do like fall! It means cold weather and cold weather means more TEA!!!! More Earl Grey to be exact. I’m glad you find a bit of beauty there in China.

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