This Means War

It cooled down yesterday; the first time it’s actually been chilly in Beijing. It was a beautiful fall day: cloudy and rainy, and I even had time to sit and read while listening to the rain. It was almost feeling cool enough for a heater.

However, the downside of the lovely cool rainy weather was–we did not need an air conditioner while we slept. As simple as it sounds, air-conditioning conceals an urgent purpose: keeping the in-house mosquito population, which apparently has no limits, off of us. As cool as it was last night, those little buggers were still active.

There’s nothing much worse than waking up in the middle of the night to the whine of a mosquito on each side of your head, arms flailing blindly as you attempt to ward off the unseen attacker without actually waking up all the way. It never works–there’s always more square foot of human for the mosquito to grab onto than there is of mosquito for your arms to hit. And no matter how many mosquitoes you kill before going to bed, there are always more. And we haven’t yet figured out where they’re coming from.

Our lovely kitchen–whose windows or pipes these loathsome creatures seem to appear from.

So now I resemble a plague victim, with at least five giant red welts on my face, six on my left hand (they even bit directly beneath my wedding ring!), and various others scattered around.I would post a picture–but my vanity got the better of me.

Low-level “swat ’em if you see ’em” warfare hasn’t been working, so today we try the big guns–Raid.

I’m not a huge fan of chemicals/insecticides/you name it in my house (if it kills the bugs, what must it be doing to me?), but I think in this case it’s worth it. Either the windows aren’t sealed properly or the mosquitoes breed in the bathroom pipes–and I can’t do a thing about either one of those. So electric dispensers it is. At least it will kill them before it gets me–and if I die, I will no longer have itchy red welts all over me!

PS: While I write this, Jared is busy learning about non-syllabic diminutive suffixes, retroflex finals, and the other basics of the Chinese language. Zài jiàn!


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