To China–with Pictures!

Yes, we made it to China! And we even have had a few days of blue sky and clear air–though that’s left pretty quickly. Anyways, here are a few words and a few pictures for those of you dying to know what’s been happening!

Beijing is a huge city, around the size of the entire state of Connecticut. And more than 20 million people live here, so as you can imagine, it’s crowded. But it’s actually less different from the US than I had previously thought.

A Chinese supermarket. Sorry for the blurriness!

It’s quickly becoming a modern city, with modern highways, cars, subways, technology, and supermarkets. People are everywhere, all very purposeful.

A view of Beijing from the Summer Palace.

I still don’t know any Chinese, but hopefully I’ll be able to take a class in it this semester and learn a little.

One of the best things about Beijing–it has mountains! (not that you can see them when you’re on the ground and every building is 30 floors high, but you can see them really well when you’re on the rooftop!)

Visiting the tourist attractions will come soon, I hope. The Great Wall is definitely on our list to go see.

Buses and bikes–two of the main methods of transportation.

Longer post coming soon, hopefully, once we get the internet set up at our apartment (which I will also take pictures of at some point when it’s a little more unpacked).

3 thoughts on “To China–with Pictures!

  1. AJ

    Dear Jared,

    Thank you so much for your call! I’m not sure how to get in touch with you guys (do you have email?). Lots of white space, but just hearing your voice was so lovely, I can’t even begin to tell you. Your mom and I had a very nice conversation today. Can’t wait to get contact info. I’d imagine you guys are getting up right about now…. Have a lovely tomorrow!


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