In Which this Blog Becomes a Travelogue

On August 18th we left Virginia with four suitcases, a carry-on, and a violin. Of course, this is only the first step in getting to China–we still have a few stops left!

All our worldly goods (except the trashcan, of course.)

First, we flew to Salt Lake City–which I didn’t get any pictures of. It’s just the Great Salt Lake and desert and mountains anyway!

Next stop was Seattle, Washington, where I finally got to see Mount Rainier. I’ve been somewhat fascinated with it ever since I watched a documentary in geology about how it’s likely to erupt at some time in the near future and how that could mean bad things for Seattle. There weren’t any signs of an imminent eruption as I was flying over, however.

Mount Rainier, as seen from the air on our way to Portland.

Once we finally reached our destination of Portland, the next leg of the trip consisted of driving for 6 and a half more hours to Clarkston, WA, to visit Jared’s grandparents. (Yes, I was extremely ready to be done with traveling of any sort after that.) In spite of the long hours in a vehicle without any leg room, the scenery outside was still beautiful. I-84 through the Columbia River Gorge definitely has some gorgeous views.

Still on the green side of Oregon–note the trees!
I love the perfect evergreen in the foreground.
More Columbia River Gorge with Tree
The bare rocks next to the giant river are just beautiful.
Sunset over the Columbia
The water was so still it reflected the hills perfectly.

When we arrived in Clarkston, we had a great time with family. We swam in the Snake River, saw petroglyphs presumably carved by the Proto-Nez-Perce 4500 years ago, and enjoyed the warm dry air.

Swimming in the Snake
Looking across the Snake River to Lewiston, ID.
The family. Crooked because the camera wanted it that way!

After a few days of swimming and talking and enjoying everyone, it was time to leave again. So we stuffed ourselves back into the vehicle with no leg room for another 8 hours.

A courthouse on our way back.
There’s something about golden hills against a background of puffy clouds and blue sky that speaks to the Coloradoan in me.
Golden hills with mountains are even better.


More Columbia River Gorge.

On the way back, we stopped to see some of the waterfalls and hiked up to see Horsetail falls.

Horsetail Falls
It looks a little like a river of glowing silver in fairyland.


Horsetail Falls
Can’t you see the little people peeping out?


Columbia River
The view of the other side–it’s that old Columbia River again!
Horsetail Falls
There really was a way to stand behind the waterfall–it was so neat!
Us in front of the cave behind the waterfall.
Columbia River Gorge
Last picture of the Columbia River, I promise!

We finally made it there and back, and I have slowed down with all the picture-taking somewhat.

In other news, we leave for China exactly one week from today–I have a feeling that this week is going to go by so quickly!


One thought on “In Which this Blog Becomes a Travelogue

  1. RC

    Wow! I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing such gorgeous scenery! Those golden hills and blue skies definitely look very “Coloradoesque”. 🙂 And Mount Rainier is amazing! The mountain looks massive peeking from the clouds! Wishing you all the best this week before you travel to China!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your blog and being, if remotely, a part of your travels and adventures. 🙂

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