Class time

It’s 8:00 am on a Tuesday morning as I board the metro, blank faces staring everywhere around me. I’m commuting to my CELTA course, and the third week is starting.

So far, we’ve learned about every possible teaching-related thing one could learn. Reading lessons, speaking lessons, listening lessons–we’ve listed them all, figured out stages and aims, and then taught each one of them to our very own English language learners. Today, though, we’re still only halfway through the course. Still to come are sessions on teaching writing lessons, business English, and using technology.

Bookended by metro rides and walks through the hot muggy air of Washington, DC, my days have been busy. I’ve barely had time to read (I’ve only finished TWO books the last two weeks!) or spend time with Jared, much less update my blog. Thankfully yesterday was a study day, so I was able to spend the whole day doing visa-related stuff, like sitting in the Chinese Embassy!

It’s hard to believe that three weeks from now we’ll have left DC for the foreseeable future and will have set off on an amazing adventure. But I know that whatever happens, we have a faithful Creator!

One thought on “Class time

  1. Wow it sounds like you’ve been busy! It is really hard to believe you’re leaving in three weeks to go over seas. Moving seems to be the biggest news around here lately. The Cassidys are moving to greeley, I’m moving to Lakewood, Rachel moves to Kansas, and you to China. Unbelievable. Thank you for posting about your class. Sound intense!! I shall miss you.

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