We had a visitor the other day. Two, actually. They were little, reddish, and had a great sense of fun. They took over our backyard as if they owned the place. Until we showed up with our camera, when they decided to absquatulate. One of them was nice enough to pose for a picture, though:

Resident fox. Click to embiggerate.



As soon as we came out, he perked up his ears and fluffed up his tail.


Later we went down to investigate the damage they did, because they were digging holes in our nice ajuga plants (there’s about a thousand down there–every one of them planted by hand! It was a lot of work, and no foxies need to be digging them up!). We found this: (Not so nice picture alert):

Don't look if you're squeamish!
Don’t look if you’re squeamish!


Don’t you wish you had such nice visitors?

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